Eating Meat on FastTrack

22nd November 2022

“Eating meat” is such a weird title for a blog on a plant based approach to kai!!
However, you probably already know that FastTrack- Kai ā Nuku is a lifestyle, and has some flexibility in it, so we can totally accommodate a bit of meat – every now and again.

We don’t believe in diets. Diets are strict approaches to eating that have strict do’s and don’ts. FastTrack has its fundamentals of course, you can think of these as the do’s and don’ts, but we also acknowledge that you do those things most of the time, and sometimes you don’t.

2.jpgWe have the ‘off day’ in the programme. This is a day when you can and should eat whatever it is that you like – red meat, sugar, refined carbohydrates and all the things that aren’t on the menu. The ‘off day’ gives you a goal each week, so if you are craving something, you can hold off until that day and it can be like a reward for eating well for 6 days.If you are missing red meat, then we say go for your life on your off day. Over time you will crave it, and other things, less and less as your body gets used to more plants and less other stuff. Instead of the ‘off day’, you could choose to have 2-3 off meals each week.

So you get invited for dinner at a mates place and they are having steak, you can count that as one ‘off meal’ and then you have one or two others that week. This is in place of having an ‘off day’

Once you have been eating plant based for a few months, your body becomes quite good at telling you what you need. Every now and again you might feel like meat – we say when you feel like that at this stage of the programme, go get yourself a nice cut of your favourite meat and enjoy. Here’s what our team says about eating meat.

Anna: “I really don’t eat much meat anymore. But I do have these days when I think of a nice steak or (randomly) sausages! When that happens I just have it. I can only eat a small portion these days but I think my body is telling me something. This started maybe 3 or 4 months into doing FastTrack properly”.

Hannah: “I don’t miss it (meat). But having said that I appreciate the meat that I eat now, and that its good meat, cooked well”.

Caitlin: “If you had said to me a year ago that I would be eating tofu meals in replacement of a good steak or lasagne I would have told you to hit the road! However, I am now happy to let you all know that tofu is a new norm within my lifestyle and I thoroughly enjoy it as a replacement for animal meat”.

Madi: “Don’t get me wrong I do love a good spag bol, but any chance I get now to add as much seasonal veg as I can to my meals I do. I no longer shy away from plant based meals when I go out, and now with meat its quality over quantity every now then”.