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Our Team

The FastTrack Kai ā Nuku whānau

This is us! The FastTrack Kai ā Nuku whānau. We’re super passionate about health and wellbeing, and of course caring for our environment and ensuring we’ve got a planet to live with for many more years to come. So thanks for dropping by. We hope you enjoy your time with us.


Dr Anna Rolleston is the Managing Director of FastTrack Kai ā Nuku.

Anna has a vision and lifelong mission is to create a healthcare system that works for you and with you. A system where you are fully informed of your choices and where you get to choose your own pathway to better health and wellbeing. FastTrack Kai ā Nuku is part of the creation of that system. The philosophy of Anna’s vision is grounded in values that come from a Māori worldview and acknowledges an all-of-person, and culturally appropriate approach to health and wellbeing regardless of your cultural context.

Anna is a leading voice in health. She is a recognised health practitioner and health researcher and holds various governance roles within the health sector. She is currently co-director of the Pūtahi Manawa Healthy Hearts for Aotearoa New Zealand, Centre of Research Excellence hosted by the University of Auckland which is a collective of researchers, health professionals and community organisations focussed on improving heart health outcomes for Māori, Pacific People and women. Anna combines a robust scientific and academic background with an understanding that change comes from within, but that we often need a good deal of support to facilitate that change.


Hannah is one of the initial creators of FastTrack Kai ā Nuku alongside Dr Anna Rolleston.

The Clinical Manager of the Centre for Health, Hannah has long had a passion for kai for all its health, performance, and taste benefits. With a Master’s degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology alongside a Post Graduate Diploma in Nutrition, Hannah utilises the combination of exercise and nutrition to help prevent, manage and rehabilitate individuals from a wide array of health concerns and issues and at the other end of the spectrum – perform and train at peak physical capabilities.

Embodying the philosophy of “we are what we eat” and the acknowledgement that this encompasses not only benefits to our own health and performance but also that of our environment and wallet is a way that Hannah has long viewed kai and the behaviours and routines around our eating habits.

Hannah is exceptionally excited to see this project come to fruition, to continue to be the “best” (questionable some may say..) taste tester, recipe alter-er and clinical guide for FastTrack Kai ā Nuku.


Madi is part of the FastTrack whānau as a Health Coach and Qualified Nutritionist.

An Aussie girl at heart, from the Sunshine Coast QLD, Madi moved to New Zealand in 2016 and has never left. Embracing all that NZ offers and feels connected to the country in many ways, feeling as though she is at home.

Being a foodie herself, Madi combined her love for food with the love she has to help others by crafting their journey to living a healthier, feel-good life! She believes it’s all not about strict nutrition, it is about a lifestyle. One that we should have the chance to love and is individual to us! Madi has adapted a strengths-based approach to walk-alongside people on their health and wellbeing journey.


Charlotte runs the socials for Fasttrack and has been associated with the Centre For Health since 2021 when completing her Bachelor of Sports Management at Massey and did a placement there.

Although she has called Mount Maunganui home her whole life, Charlotte works remotely she's actually based in Tokyo, Japan where her husband is currently living out his dream of playing professional rugby.

When they one day return to Aotearoa Charlotte is looking forward to continuing her studies and getting her nutrition degree, food and holistic nutrition are a real passion.

Charlotte is a massive foodie, so you can almost always find her in the kitchen or trying out a new spot to eat at. She likes to keep active with lots of long walks exploring the city and being a Pilates princess.

She loves being a part of Fasttrack and watching it grow from the beginning has been awesome.