FastTrack is a Lifestyle

27th October 2022

What does it mean that FastTrack is a lifestyle?

We don’t think diets work. Diets are a structure you put into your life for a short period of time to achieve a goal – like weight loss. Diets are usually really different to the way you currently eat, and that’s partly why they work (for a bit). Because you are probably eating better food, watching your portion sizes and generally not eating food we know isn’t good for you. Diets tend not to be things that we can stick to long term – especially when they really reduce our food intake. So when we finish a diet, we often go back to the way we used to eat and then all the results we achieved wear off and at some time in the future we have to do it all again.

FastTrack is an approach that can seem like a diet – we are promoting a mostly plant and whole food way of eating and that might be very different to how you eat right now. But we have a whole lot of flexibility in the approach so that it can become a ‘way of eating’ that just becomes what you do – forever. Its not just for a 12 week challenge.

IMG_1143.jpgThe Off Day: There is an ‘off day’ on FastTrack where you can eat whatever you like – including meat and sugar and fried foods and takeaways. We encourage you to use this day to satisfy cravings, because we know it will help you to stick to 6 days of following the programme. We also know eventually you wont want to eat all those not so good foods on the off day as time goes by and your metabolism changes.

Connecting the way you are eating to a philosophy: We know the health benefits of eating mostly plants and whole-foods, but we also know that we have an environmental crisis happening around us. Our eating behaviours and habits have a direct impact on our fragile environment. Diets are usually just about improving your health or body. FastTrack is also solidly focused on improving the health and wellbeing of the planet. Ka ora te whenua, ka ora te tangata. When the land is well, the people are well.

Create a structure that works for you: We recommend that you try an initial intensive period on FastTrack to get into a habit of eating more plants and understanding what might be a very different way of cooking and eating for you. We also know that there is this thing called life, which is a bit unpredictable. We encourage you to go with the flow, while prioritising plants. You go for dinner with whanau and they have cooked a lamb roast – we’d suggest you ate what was lovingly prepared for you and enjoy the korero and environment. You are unwell and you just feel like eating what you feel like eating – do that. When you start feeling better, reassess and get back onto the mostly plant approach. Once you’ve done the intensive period, figured out how FastTrack makes you feel, see some of the benefits, then you can choose to ease off a bit, you might have 2 off days instead of one. You might re-introduce chicken…create a structure that works for you so it can become a lifestyle.

There is lots more about FastTrack that makes it more a lifestyle than a diet…let us know if you have any questions, or just give it a go!