Kidney Health

20th March 2023

Let’s talk about all things kidneys (not kidney beans)!

The kidney’s main role in the body is to filter and remove waste from our blood. Think about the kidneys like a colander – it keeps the vegetables inside and filters out the water. With the kidneys the good stuff stays whilst the unwanted things are filtered out. Did you know that your entire blood volume is pumped through your kidneys around 12 times every hour! So kidneys are always under the pump (pun intended). Maintaining good kidney health is important to our overall well-being.

What happens when our kidney don’t work well

When our kidneys aren’t working properly, waste can build up in the blood which can lead to you feeling quite unwell. Diabetes, high blood pressure, various inflammatory conditions and many other health issues can directly affect our kidneys’ ability to filter properly. There are a number of lifestyle factors that can put pressure on the kidneys, such as;

  • Eating foods high in sugar and preservatives. For example, fizzy drinks, cookies, cakes, pastries, salty packaged snacks etc. Generally, these foods have significant amounts of sodium (salt). A diet that contains high amounts of sodium can make life hard for your kidneys.
  • Not drinking enough water. Staying hydrated helps our kidneys to function well. Plus heaps of other benefits of staying hydrated too!.
  • Not getting enough sleep. Kidney function can be supported by consistently getting about 8 hours of sleep each night.
  • Eating too much meat. Animal protein generates certain byproducts in the blood which the kidneys then have to manage. We know that we need protein for energy, repair and growth so a approach to eating protein is key.
  • Not doing enough physical activity. Any movement (walking, running, yoga, swimming, gym etc) can help reduce your risk of kidney disease.

FastTrack-Kai a nuku and Kidney health.

Eating well and staying hydrated helps allow your body and your kidneys to work properly.

Consuming a diet rich in vegetables, plant-protein, fruits, unprocessed grains, legumes, lentils, non-dairy alternatives, fish and kaimoana, eggs, nuts and seeds is recommended.

By reducing the intake of red meat, sodium (salt), deli meats, packaged food, dairy and sugar your risk of developing kidney disease will decrease and if you are currently managing chronic kidney disease this will help.

FastTrack Kai-a-nuku is 80-90% plant based, however we get protein from a variety of veges and legumes but also from things like eggs, fish and seafood – which are sustainable sources of protein. Talk to our Health Coach and Nutritionist today to see how FastTrack Kai-a-Nuku can support your kidney health. It’s never too late to start looking after your kidneys.

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