Let's talk oats

28th July 2022

Lets-talk-about-Oats-1-e1658978698104.jpgHealth benefits

Oats have several health benefits. Packed with antioxidants, good quality protein, carbs, and fibre – our guts love oats! Eating oats lowers both “bad” LDL and total cholesterol levels which helps our hearts to be healthier. Also helping to slow digestion and stabilise blood sugars.

How FT uses oats

FastTrack uses oats in a variety of recipes. Of course, the classic oat porridge at breakfast with seasonal fruit and a range of nuts or seeds, baked goods such as cookies, breads, we even use them as a crumb or to help bind ingredients together like the kumara curry rissoles – yum!

Different types of oats

Steel cut oats – They say steel cut oats are the” OG” of oats. They are a less processed type of oat and have a chewy texture and nutty flavour. They may take a little longer to cook, so we suggest soaking them before using to reduce cooking time.

Rolled oats – Also known as old fashioned oats. These oats go through a steaming and flattening process and are much quicker to cook compared to steel cut. Perfect for dishes like porridge, muffins, cookies and more! There are wholegrain options of rolled oats, these are less processed and therefore better for you than the stock standard ones.

Quick oats – the most processed oat out of the three. They are super quick oats to cook, decreasing the cooking time for a fast breaky to go! Mild flavour with a more creamy texture.

Whilst oats are naturally gluten free people with coeliac disease should double check product packaging to avoid gluten cross contamination which can occur during processing.

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